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With the appearance of modern technologies, the web developing trend has also evolved every single year. In order to match the pace of the latest web development trends, developers need to hone their skills with the ongoing trends for three main reasons.

  • Self-grooming
  • Knowledge enhancement
  • Sustain ever-rising

Over thousands of business websites out there are trying their best to build their place in a competitive market. And to make this possible, they follow new trends and technologies to stay in the competition.

The competition is not small so make your efforts. Just think about what more you can do for your website to work great on search engines?

In order to increase business visibility on search engines, you should follow the latest web development trends by adding new features to your website. For this, you can either take the help of the best web development company or can hire an experienced developer to revamp your website with the latest development trends.

Before taking the initiative, you must know the trends around these days. As in this digital era, we get to know about new trends and technology every day, and we need to be clear about what we are exactly up to.

To stay ahead of the competitors, one should focus on doing something out of the box that will attract more and more users. We did some research to build a list of web development trends for your ease. Let’s take a look.

#1 Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

PWA is the first name on our list, followed by developers and entrepreneurs these days. According to Progressive Web Application stats, it reduced the bounce rate on your website by 57% and increased the organic traffic revenue by 79% which is quite good.

Progressive web application plays a great role as a website and offers users a fully native mobile app experience. It can run solely on the browser and easily interacts with the users as a native application (Push notifications, hardware access, offline access).

Here are some of the benefits of PWA development that can improve the presence of your business website.

  • Flawless Installation
  • Easy Distribution
  • Seamless Updating and Maintenance
  • Swift Market Launch
  • Saves Storage and Device Power

As per the report of Statista, 9% of respondents said that their companies areplanning on investing in PWA in 2021 8% of the businesses were already doing it, and 28% did not have plans to invest in Progressive Web Applications.

Image Source:

#2 Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMPs are one of the important steps taken by Google to improve the mobile browsing experience of websites. AMP is one of them. AMP was first introduced in the year 2015 and nowadays it has become one of the latest web technologies trends.

Studies show that around 1,010,039 currently live websites AMP, 1579,875 websites that previously used Accelerated Mobile Pages, and 19,338 websites in India currently use AMP. The below BuiltWith image will show you the popularity of Accelerated Mobile Pages in recent days.

Image Source:

Accelerated Mobile Pages technology is basically created to encourage a website building process that works smoothly and loads instantly across mobile devices. The loading speed of AMPs makes them different from non-AMP pages. You might be amazed by hearing that it will only take2 seconds for AMP to load on the browser, while for non-AMP pages, it takes more than 22 seconds to load on the browser.

When it comes to following the latest web development trends ,you can’t ignore voice search optimization. Back in the day, you had to type for all information. But today most people prefer voice search instead of typing to get information. According to the latest statistics of 2022, one-third of the U.S population use voice search features, around 71% of the consumers conduct their queries through voice search.

It has been estimated that with time the demand for voice research features will drastically increase. That is the reason the web uses voice-command features and audio interpretation to make researches. The trend of voice search brings out many advantages for users and business owners.

  • Saves time for the users and allows them to order more products
  • Serves as a source of customer behavior analytics

#4 AI-Powered Chatbots

Several online businesses work in different time zones with different representations on different continents. This arranges great customer service, a tough task, especially giving 24/7 support which is highly required in this case.

Latest web development trends have now shifted towards automated, instant client support. Chatbots are stimulated by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning proved that they are worthy long-term investments for this purpose. Apart from this, Chatbots are very good with client assistance, as you can easily communicate with customers and can help them with FAQS, take orders, and more.

Statistics show that around 47% of the organizations are expected to implement chatbots for customer support services, and 40% of organizations are expected to adopt virtual assistance.

#5 Motion UI

It has been said that every product on your website should be attractive and engaging. Motion UI helps you make it possible for you because it has ZURB’s own Sass library that offers dynamic transitions and animations for your platform. Both of these effects make the whole animation process cost-effective and straightforward.

With Motion UI, you can do animated charts, modular scrolling, background animations, etc. But that’s not it: Motion UI works best with progressive web app design that boosts your site’s rankings in search results.

#6 Mobile-Friendly Website

The increasing growth of mobile users shows why the mobile approach dramatically affects the future of website development. Statistics of 2022 show that there are 6.648 billion smartphone users today, and 83.96% of the world’s population have smartphones. For more clarity let’s look at the graph below:

Image Source:

After seeing the stats of smartphone usability, it is not wrong to say that the web’s future is primarily related to mobile-friendliness. One of its main reasons is content because the content looks more appealing on mobile devices that help websites rank higher in search engine results.

#7 SPA (Single Page Application)

SPA helps you avoid seamless communication with the server and envision better page performance. If we talk about its popularity, then you can see continuous growth in the SPA trend. Google Maps, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc are some of the most renowned and most visited single-page applications. Apart from this, you can see the popularity of SPAs with Built With stats

Single-page applications (SPAs) are renowned because of the rise of the JavaScript framework. Because it is a web app implementation that only loads a single page document and after that updates the body content through JavaScript APIs. It has been estimated that in the future most of the functional websites will be created as single-page applications

#8 Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is another renowned name on the latest web development trends list. Blockchain has two-sided transaction events, which simply indicate that a decentralized disturbed network carefully verifies each transaction.

This will majorly help you to know what data is verified and clear. Blockchain usage has become significantly more active these days. Talking about its popularity, research shows that Blockchain has more than 770 million wallet users at the end of March 2021.Have a look at the image below:

Image Source:

Some of the Benefits of Blockchain Technology

  • Decrease in the number of transaction contracts
  • Lessen the financial business expenses
  • Improves cash flow provided by transparent records

#9 Serverless Architecture

Running an application and services on the server is quite simple for developers, but managing the infrastructure bothers them the most. But not anymore, because serverless architecture allows you to quickly build and run applications and services without managing the infrastructure.

However, it doesn’t mean that your application will not run on the server. Well, it still runs on the server. Only managed by the AWS (Amazon Web Services, a cloud service platform that offers compute power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionalities that help business growth.)

Serverless architecture gives leverage to developers to give their prime focus on the product instead of worrying about operating and managing servers or runtimes. Eliminating this overhead burden helps developers reclaim time and energy to build great projects that scale.

#10 Cloud Computing

Another name in the list of web development trends 2022 is cloud computing. It is a simple cloud-based resource such as networking, storage, analytics, software, and intelligence for flexibility and convenience.

It is one of the most critical development trends adopted by most people, especially during the pandemic of Covid19, as most organizations have shifted towards remote working.

It has been estimated that cloud computing services are projected to grow 7 21.7% in 2022, and it might exceed 45% of all enterpriseIT spending by the year 2026. People get attracted to the cloud computing trend because it helps avoid data loss, data overload, and other benefits, including flexibility, low development cost, and robust authentication.

#11 Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a technology that connects the digital world by transforming the UI interactions between machines and humans. IoT now realm with web development that makes users more interactive with the websites and create a significant and smart role in the development world.

Its extensive power of connectivity and computerized sensibility feature help you to understand the client features and to build the right strategies. IoT edge in web development will change the user interaction and front-end interface of your website.

Users can use this front-end interface for communication with the help of cameras, sensors and other devices on the internet. As per the report of Statista, for the first time IoT has reached 100billion dollars of market revenue and it has been estimated that it will grow to 1,6 trillion by 2025. Graph below shows you more clear stats:

#12 Dark Mode UI

A dark mode UI is an aesthetic choice offered on many well-known sites and apps across all devices and sizes. Dark mode has now become a trend and is immensely popular worldwide. Because of its visual design pattern, it provides an ease to users to enjoy web browsing regardless of the device.

The result of the dark theme is an aesthetic that’s sharper sleeker. It is said to be friendlier to the eyes of the users, which improves legibility and readability, also the user experience of your website and application.

According to the Android Authority, out of 2,514 total votes, 81.9% of Android Authority readersuse dark mode on their smartphones, whereas 9.9% are between light and dark mode. Some big brands like Facebook, Google, Reddit, Twitter are already using dark mode UI, and many more big organizations are about to adopt this trending technology.

Final Words

Gone were the days when the audience was attracted by a beautiful design and flawless development. Today, in order to get the user’s attention, you must adapt the web development trends of 2021 to improve the business review.

These development trends will completely transform the way of client interaction. In this post, we have discussed the latest technologies that help you to boost user engagement. These technologies enable you to stay in the competition and offer the best user experience.

If you are looking for the best and most reliable web development company to help you implement these trends. Nascenture’s team will be glad to help you in any manner and help you transform your business into reality. We are happy to help. Contact us now to discuss your great business ideas.

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