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Dangerous Guitar is a learning management system (LMS) where people can learn to play instruments like guitar and bass. People interested in music and wishing to learn how to play instruments like the guitar, bass, or other devices can take classes on this website.

The site is organised into different courses, and users can select the course that best suits their needs and immediately begin receiving instruction from seasoned musicians. In addition, there is a Jam Track section that, once again, is categorised (Rock, Jazz, Blues, Fusion, Country, Latin, etc.) according to the student’s musical inclinations. Dangerous Guider is the destination of choice for people who are passionate about music and want to learn to play an instrument but don’t know where to start.

The Problem

Doug Stouffer is a talented guitarist who wants to share his skills. So he built a website to promote his talent and teach about music. He disliked the old website because:

Lack of Marketing Tools
Organic search is the key source of website traffic. The old website wasn’t optimized for exposure and usability, and the competition was grabbing all their potential leads.

Mobile & Cross-Browser Compatibility
For business, it’s crucial that a website functions on all devices and browsers. We observed that the client’s website didn’t work on mobile devices or with other browsers.

Unmanageable Content
A strong content management system gives business owners control over their content, allowing them to update, change, or delete any photos, text, video, or audio. However, due to an inefficient CMS, our client’s website was difficult to use and navigate.

From onboarding new users via lengthy sign-up forms to non-responsive websites and poorly designed information structures, poor UI/UX results in a negative brand perception of the firm. The client’s website was failing to acquire popularity due to inadequate UI/UX that failed to capture the user’s attention.

Inefficient CMS
A robust content management system helps business owners to have control over the content, which means having the ability to update, change, or delete any images, text, video, or audio. But our client’s website was cumbersome to use and navigate due to an inefficient CMS.

The Solution

We immediately found that they needed to think beyond merely building a new website as we researched possibilities. They needed to invest in, and grow with, a digital experience management platform built to power effective digital education for students in a digital environment.

Versatile, Flexible Technology
The client’s previous website was not responsive to scale, therefore we redesigned it responsive so that it will perform well on all devices with large and small displays and enhance visitors’ time on the website.

Time Optimization for Loading
A website must be optimised so that it loads as quickly as possible. This entails paying close attention to all of the parts that comprise it, including your videos and images. Internet users expect a speedy response and will not wait for a website to load their options for several seconds.

Content Structure
Content is an important aspect of your website, especially for video tutorials. Not only for the user’s ease of consumption of the information you provide, but also for proper SEO positioning. We redesigned the material of the old Dangerous Guitar website in order to make user navigation easier.

Control of Contents
To stay ahead of its competition, the Dangerous Guitar needs to adjust quickly to market demands. Our CMS enables companies to quickly access, control, and update the visual, promotional, and textual content required for digital marketing, ensuring that their digital experiences are constantly up to date.

Ease Of Use
Our user-friendly CMS interface enables customers to instantly alter and update digital experiences without the need for an agency or IT. Adding, removing, and updating video material has never been easier.

Key Features

  • A strong content management system is employed, which made the website user-friendly, simply accessible, and simple to schedule content, even for non-technical people.
  • Courses can be easily created. A lesson or course can include PDF, image, audio, and video assets.
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • The courses are available for download as PDFs.
  • Courses of varying difficulty (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).
  • Access to lesson’s visuals, exercises, and materials.
  • Courses in various styles (rock, blues, and jazz).
  • Subscription with a choice of plans (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year).
  • Simplified Sign in/Sign Up pages.
  • Can explore and access various courses and lesson content.
  • Admin can control lesson content based on subscription.
  • Website now supports multiple currencies.

The Result

The client was overjoyed to see that our team’s work was free of defects. By the end of the project, we had accomplished the following goals:

Enrolment Conversions
Overall enrolment conversion rates and income have increased, and student enrolment has increased by about 30%.

Much Improved Homepage
The website’s main page is not a search or category-based website. It strikes the proper balance between the two.

Grown Engagement
The amount of time visitors spend on the site has increased by 25% since the website was made responsive, and they expect this trend to continue.

Brand Recognition
The Dangerous Guitar’s upgraded digital learning experience effectively tells the brand story and promotes its validity as a top guitar education website, according to feedback from partners, notable guitarists, and students. Both brand recognition and understanding have significantly improved.

Because our CMS is integrated with their website analytics platform, they can quickly monitor their performance and observe that their website numbers, such as time spent on site, number of students enrolled, and top-rated videos and courses, have all increased.

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