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Any job seeker, whether experienced or just out of school, needs a resume that highlights their strengths and sets them apart from the competition. GetyourCV provides a platform to such individuals by allowing them to order an ideal, visually appealing resume full of relevant information so that they can land the job of their dreams. The website provides basically two services, one geared toward students and graduates and the other toward experienced executives and professionals. The delivered CVs showcase customers’ experience, talents, and qualifications in the most appealing way.


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Zurich, Switzerland



The Requirement

The customer has a strong background in graphic design and holds a number of certifications in UX design, UX research, and modern interfaces. He used to create innovative career resumes for his friends, relatives, and clients in order to help them land the jobs of their dreams. Soon afterward, he was inspired to create a professional website where people could get tailor-made resumes. With such an interesting initiative, he could help individuals with something as vital as their job search, while also putting his abilities to the test in a challenging and exciting side project, which he had wanted to do for years. Consequently, He got in touch with us regarding this idea. All he needed was an SPA (single-page website) with key features that were simple to use.

The Challenge

The client gave some specifications regarding the animation that he envisioned being displayed on the various pages of the website. It was a nice idea, but putting it into action was challenging because the animation had to be fluid, stutter-free, and work on all devices. It was imperative that the load time of the website be extremely quick in order for it to be able to support the entirety of the design and display the animations in a smooth manner. In addition to this, it should have a multi-step design that guides the user through the process of obtaining a CV that is tailored to meet their particular requirements in a manner that is specific to them.

The Solution

Given that this was the client’s dream project, we were overjoyed to accomplish it. We built the site from the ground up, addressing any and all issues the client didn’t want the audience to encounter. Our team spent two months developing the following solutions to streamline the process of obtaining a personalised resume:

Responsive and Speedy Website

Our design is mobile-friendly. We employed caching and responsive image display to speed up web page loading. Vue js made the website fast, responsive and smooth.

Payment Gateway Integration

We integrated an online payment gateway that uses cutting-edge encryption technology to keep payment information safe and secure.

CV Categorization

Users can choose the “Experienced professionals & executives” or “Students & Graduates” categories for their CVs depending on what is best for them.

A Simple Layout

From landing to checkout, the layout is simple and user-friendly. Its sole purpose is to help customers build resumes. Simple call-to-action buttons achieved this goal.

Smooth Ordering Process

A multi-step process wizard has been put in place. It enables the user to obtain all necessary assistance while also increasing the rate of conversation.

SSL setup

SSL encryption secures sensitive client data and prevents phishing and cyberattacks. Credit card numbers, passwords, and bank account numbers are examples of such data. SSL boosts client trust as well as revenue.

Technology Stack

We used cutting-edge technology to ensure that the product is of the highest standard and meets the high expectations of our client.

The Result

Continuous testing and development allowed us to finish the project in two months. Even up to this very day, we have remained fully committed to providing the client with support as well as ongoing maintenance. We were able to make a meaningful contribution to the expansion of the client’s company as a whole. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to offer job seekers a platform and make the process of developing a personalized CV a little less difficult for everyone. The Nascenture team has put a lot of effort into the website’s development in order to meet the customer’s expectations.

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