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Interactive E-learning Platform for Guitar Courses


Dangerous Guitar was founded by a veteran guitarist with an aim of making guitar and bass education affordable to everyone. People who are interested in music and want to learn how to play the guitar or bass can take classes on the website. All of the guitar lessons are of good quality and are taught by expert musicians. Dangerous Guitar is a one-stop shop for people who are passionate about music and want to learn to play guitar but don’t know where to start.

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The Problem

Client is an accomplished guitarist with a passion for passing on his knowledge to others. So he built a website to promote his talent and teach about music. He was not pleased with the old website as the outdated code base hampered its performance and user experience. The customer desired numerous changes to enhance it. The following matters needed resolution:

Confusing Website Structure
The website’s layout was difficult for users to understand, and the outdated design hurt credibility—an important factor in the e-learning industry. Although DangerousGuitar possessed the required trustworthiness, the website did not highlight it.

Awareness of the Brand
Few knew the Dangerous Guitar. It is difficult for first-time users to trust the website enough to pay for a course. This indicated the need for a stronger, more widely recognized digital presence.

Control Over Content
Eliminating the client’s dependence on the web agency to handle content, which took days to weeks for simple modifications. Dangerous Guitar struggled to meet business and content expectations and add new features and integrations due to WordPress and agency constraints.

Outdated Website Technology
The website was out of date and constructed on an old, sluggish framework that was neither mobile-enabled nor responsive. Not only was the website failing to provide the easy and engaging experience required to compete in a highly competitive market, but uploading new content and editing old ones was a time-consuming, costly, and technical effort. Overall, the technical platforms that powered their website were incapable of growing and expanding alongside the organization.

Loading Time Needed Optimization
Website needed optimization to load rapidly. This required paying special attention to all of its aspects, including the videos and photos, as visitors demand a fast response and won’t wait for a website to load their options for several seconds.

Lack of Competitive Edge
The client was constantly struggling to keep ahead of the competition. The customer wanted various complex and one-of-a-kind website features, but the antiquated framework in use prevented them from being developed, giving the company no competitive advantage.

The solution

As we discussed the various options, we came to the conclusion that they required more than just a new website. To ensure efficient digital education, they needed a content management platform with secure and modern integrations.

Our team implemented the following features to achieve the client’s goal:

Vast Library of Courses

Our re-engineered website helps the admin update dozens of new Guitar courses daily without slowing down the system.

Responsive Experience

We embedded customizable, responsive forms for registrations, course material, and payments to accommodate all screen sizes.

Subscriptions Plans

Multiple subscription plans were created with easy billing dates, renewal reminders, expense tracking and payment choices.

Payment Gateway Integration

Stripe payment service was integrated. The integration made it easier and safer for the client to get paid in a variety of ways.

Design Modernization

We updated the website’s architecture, responsive design, and color combos to improve usability and modernize the design.

Adaptive Streaming of Videos

Adaptive streaming eliminates buffering. Fast video playback and auto-quality switch please viewers. Videos use less bandwidth.

Unique Features

The website’s resources area offers unique tools like a scale generator, chord builder, tone generator and bass tuner tool.

Structured Content

Courses have been organised into relevant structures based on playing style, level of competence, and topic.

Inadequate Marketing

Courses have been organised into relevant structures based on playing style, level of competence, and topic.

The Result

The client was overjoyed to see that our work was free of defects. The Dangerous Guitar’s upgraded digital learning experience effectively tells the brand story and promotes its validity as a top guitar education website, according to feedback from partners, notable guitarists, and students.

Both brand recognition and understanding have significantly improved. By the end of the project, we had accomplished the following goals:


Increase in Student Enrollment


Increase in Session Duration


Increase in Generated Revenue

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