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Hotel Booking Platform for an International Organization


The World Boutique Hotel Awards is an international organization that nominates and honors the best boutique hotels in the world across a variety of categories. Their annual Awards Ceremony brings together over 250 luxury boutique hoteliers, including international boutique hoteliers, press, and key industry insiders. Luxury travelers seeking hidden gems can find everything they need here. Anyone can book a luxury stay online.


Travel & Hospitality


UI/UX, Development,
API Integrations


London, UK


Web, Mobile App

The Problem

Although Boutique Hotel Awards competes with well-established luxury hotel brands with a strong heritage. But the client was not happy with the old website as there were some major

Slow Website Speed
The website required speed optimization to provide a smooth browsing experience, as speed is critical to the website’s success. It had a negative impact on a number of key metrics, including the site’s visibility (Google Ranking) and conversion rate.

Mobile & Cross-Browser Compatibility
We discovered that the client’s website was not generating the intended revenue since it was not mobile-friendly or compatible with other browsers. For business, a Web page that operates flawlessly across numerous device-browser combinations is essential.

Limited Features
Improved search functionality was required. A variety of features, including automation, API integrations, marketing pages, and others, were requested for the next version.

Poor UI/UX
Due to inconsistent design, unclear instructions, and slow, clunky interaction, the website was pushing visitors away and negatively impacting consumer satisfaction. It was important to have a good UI so that users would feel welcome.

Inefficient CMS
The client’s CMS was unfriendly and lacked fundamental CMS functionalities. Their team struggled to regulate, manage, and organize their content in real-time. CMS required regular upgrades and patches to ensure its security.

The solution

We collaborated closely with the client to develop an appropriate plan that would achieve their immediate goal while also allowing them to grow more into their future endeavours. We decided on best-fit solutions after hearing their vision and then implemented the following solutions:

Responsive Experience

We made the website responsive so that it will work well on all devices with large and small screens, keeping visitors on the site longer.

Use of Adaptable Technology

We selected technologies that could be effectively leveraged to provide a scalable and dynamic digital presence for the website.

Loading Time Optimization

We meticulously optimized every aspect of the website to ensure that users can effortlessly navigate it, as today’s clients are speed-obsessed.

Fast & Clear Booking Process

Our experts optimized the website’s booking procedure so that customers can make an instant booking with just a few clicks, making it easy for users.

Content Control

Our team created a Content Management System that is user-friendly, adaptable, and maintains content quickly and in a unique way.

User-Friendly Interface

We enhanced the UI/UX of the website to enable users to learn the system quickly and use it efficiently, to enhance customer engagement and retention.

The Result

The client was happy to find that there were no evident flaws in our team’s work, and he was grateful to us for this. Despite the difficulties, our software engineers came up with inventive approaches to finish the project.

The following Website Key Performance Indicators are evidence that our project was a resounding success on every level:


Increase in Sales


Increase in Engagement


Decrease in bounce rate

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