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There has been significant growth in the on-demand marketplace over the past few years, and more entrepreneurs are aggressively looking for a market to grow their business. The investors who are not part of this trend are now preparing to book their share. According to the Statista reports, the market for on-demand mobile apps and websites will reach a significant value of $335 Billion by 2025.

And CBInsight (A private company with a business analytics platform and global database that provides market intelligence on private companies) reports that 23 out of 310 private
organizations valued at $1 billion by Jan 2019 were from the on-demand industry. These figures show that on-demand apps have gained a market foothold by offering a wide range of services, including food delivery apps, grocery delivery, car booking, home cleaning services, and more.

And on-demand plumber app development services are not an exception. Because the situation becomes chaotic when draining chokes or loose screws in their home. At that time, people couldn’t find a plumber. When smartphones and the internet can satiate all of our needs, why not easily connect with the expert plumbers using the same. This eases all those struggles of the people by launching an on-demand plumber app.

Developing on-demand plumbing can be the best business to start with because customers are bound to face problems related to housing pipeline bursts or water leakage issues happening simultaneously. An on-demand plumbing app solution will allow users to book a professional plumber to provide a service for all plumbing-related issues as a one-stop solution. So developing plumbing apps can help grow your business, but the question is how? To get the answer let’s stick to this post.

Why Consider On-Demand Plumber App Development?

An on-demand plumber application enables you to create a business even if you do not have a physical location. Other than this, many other solid reasons show you why you should develop an on-demand plumber app. Let’s take a look:

1. Enhance Business Stability

You don’t need a set-up or a storage place to store merchandise. This lets you connect a large number of plumbers in your neighborhood or across the country with registered clients who are actively looking for plumbing services in any location.

2. Boost Operational Effectiveness

On-demand plumber app development makes the whole procedure easier and more efficient. Moreover, it improves the customer’s experience, while on the other hand, it relieves workers of non-core tasks.

3. Effectively and Efficiently Reach Customers

By developing a plumber application, you can also provide on-demand plumbing services to your customers based on their specific requirements, availability, and preferences. An on-demand plumber app is like helping hands that save your time and help you connect with your clients easily.

Important Factors You Should Consider for On-Demand Plumber App Development

plumber illustration

After knowing the reason why building an on-demand plumber app can be a great idea, it’s time to discuss the essential factors to consider when heading to the app development phase; here are some of the factors that you need to consider at the time of development:

1. Know Your Goal

Before starting any business, it’s good to know your goal first. Ask yourself, what is your goal? What are you going to achieve from the application? Is the app customer-oriented? Or are you trying to offer plumbers a better opportunity of receiving work? You need to figure out what your goal is so you can design and develop the app with the real goal in mind.

There are some scenarios where most new applications fall because they don’t have a strong goal. Without having a goal in mind, your app will not be able to make an impact in the mobile app industry. Hence determining your goal, brainstorming ideas, and figuring out what you need to achieve from the plumber app.

2. Set Your Budget

The cost of apps is different due to countless reasons. The cost of developing an on-demand plumber service app is determined by the number of hours required for development, the company’s size, the requirements of the project, the resources required, the technology you are going to use, and the features and capabilities you are going to include in the app.

The mobile application development process necessitates the addition of three components: a user app, an admin app, and a service provider app- each one of the apps costs individually based on the capabilities and features desired.

The need for a plumber might arise, whether one owns an online business or residential property. As a result, developing an easy-to-use and faultless on-demand plumber app might be a viable option. However, setting a budget is very important.

3. Go With The Plumber App Development Company

To get professional-looking and feature-rich plumber apps, you should look for a reputable on-demand plumber mobile app development company that helps you to build a user-friendly, error-free, and appealing app for your target audience. Each page of your app should be designed and developed to deliver outstanding UX and UI impacts.

Professional app developers will keep your business requirements and goal in mind and create a masterpiece for you. Therefore to ensure your users get the most from your app, it is good to hire a professional and experienced app development company that will help you in any manner.

Essential Features to Add for On-Demand Plumber App Development

In the on-demand plumber service app, plumbers, customers, and an admin panel should have access to the app. Here is the list of essential features you can include in your plumber mobile app.

For Customers:

  • Sign-up/Login

First, customers need to register their email address and customer number. They can also use their social media accounts for easy logging in.

  • Notification Alert

A. When customers hire a professional, they will get all pertinent information by SMS or email. Users should schedule or book a plumber for a certain date and time using this feature.

B. The customer should have the ability to view the plumber’s profile, which includes information such as his full name, total experience, contact information, and specialties.

C. Customers should be able to build their overall experience and leave reviews based on a service provider’s service.

D. Customers may simply follow the status of a hired plumber in real-time.

  • Payment Integration

Customers can pay via net banking, debit/credit cards, and other transaction methods.

  • Payment Integration

Customers can pay via net banking, debit/credit cards, and other transaction methods.

For Plumbers:

  • Signing Up & Creating a Profile

A plumber can create their profile with contact information and email address. Then include important details like profile pictures, address, and other mandatory details.

  • Accept/Reject Request

Plumbers should have the ability to accept and reject service requests based on the location and other details.

  • Check Availability¬†

With this feature, professionals can mark their availability for customers to see and book appointments.

  • Check Payments

After completing a service, a service provider should be able to view payment transactions.

For Admin Panel:

  • Booking Management

The administration is in charge of the complete booking system and makes recommendations for neighboring service providers near the client’s location.

  • Manage Plumbers and Customers

With this feature, administrators can keep track of plumber’s availability, bookings, payments, and commissions.

  • Notification Management

It sends SMS and emails of booking confirmation, promotional offers, service requests, and other updates.

  • Professional Plumbers

The administration can keep a track record of plumbers for post-service requests and needs.

What Makes Your Plumber App Different From Others

When it comes to building an on-demand plumber app development, there are some tips that you need to adhere to; let’s discuss what they are.

1. Know Your Target Audience

Your plumber app should know and understand your target audience with flawless services. You need to ensure that your plumber app appeals to those looking for services like fitting, tiles, bathroom installation, leaky valves, choking drainage pipes, etc. However, the services provided by you to your customers must be top-notch when you say it via your plumber app. By doing this, you’ll make a good impact on your customers.

2. Don’t Make Make a Stuffy App

Initially, try to make an application with an easy-use feature so a normal user can easily use it without facing any problems. Your plumber app should be for everyone, whether young, middle-aged, or old. So make sure to use an application that is easy to use for the user of every kind. Later, you can slowly add other features too.

3. Your App Should Be Fast

It is a fact that today no one likes a slow app that takes time to load, as the ideal loading time for a mobile app is about two seconds. If your app is slow and takes a few seconds, the user will quickly leave the site, leading to a bounce rate. To avoid this, you should focus on the speed of the app so it can provide a better user experience and your customers can enjoy a fast browsing experience.

Final Words

The on-demand service apps are the latest trend in the market as they are the immediate app that marketers are looking forward to. With the above information,  you know what it takes to build a good and professional on-demand plumber app; implement it in mind and start building your plumber app.

For the development process, if you need the help of genius minds, then Nascenture is here to help. We are a professional software development company with a team of considerable expertise & experienced developers that deliver high-performance software development solutions that help businesses be more successful tomorrow.

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