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In this fast paced world, the lives of people have also been very fast as they don’t even have time for some of their daily house chores. Some routine chores, especially doing laundry, seem like intimidating tasks to them. To simplify their chores and save time, on-demand laundry apps are highly demanded. On-demand apps are popular these days because people are becoming used to technology, and they are being dependent on mobile applications more and more.

Among all the applications such as on-demand food delivery apps, on-demand interpreting apps, on-demand music streaming apps etc., laundry apps are also in huge demand. It is because they help people wash and dry clean their clothes and give extra time to them to do some other stuff. An on-demand laundry app is rapidly becoming popular because people are now using these services. It is because on-demand laundry apps facilitate users to book their laundry services simply with a few clicks.

Dry cleaning services are drastically expanding worldwide, and many service providers offer retail solutions. As per the Statista prediction for laundry apps, it is expected to generate US$100,765m in 2022, and it is expected to grow annually by 3.78%  (CAGR 2022-2026). If compared globally, most of the revenue is generated in the U.S, which is $14,959m in 2022.

We cannot ignore the contribution of a customized laundry mobile app in achieving this milestone. By seeing the increased demand for laundry and dry cleaning apps, if you are also thinking of establishing a startup for laundry services, you must stick to this post as we discuss every aspect of the on-demand laundry mobile app, so let’s get started.

Overview & Working of On-Demand Laundry Apps

On-demand laundry applications help people who don’t have time for washing or ironing their clothes because of a busy schedule. Laundry app users can choose their service provider as per their choice and give them the clothes they want to wash or dry clean.

These applications offer a complete series of washing, ironing, dry cleaning services that start from easy sign-in to book, pick-up to drop-off clothes, and choosing a service provider to wash. It gives ease to customers to deal with the tedious task of laundry and use this time to do something valuable and practical.

A Quick Look to the Concept of on-Demand Laundry App

We did some research to help you understand the functioning of on-demand laundry app services. Let’s take a look at the concept of laundry app services.

1. Customer

By using the laundry app service, customers can place an order for laundry. They can also schedule a time for the pickup and drop-off of the laundry.

2. Delivery Person

According to the scheduled time of customers, the delivery person can collect the laundry and take it to the rinser. Once the laundry is done, the rinser calls a delivery person to manage the clean clothes and send them back to the owner.

3. Rinser

Once the rinser confirms the order placed by the customer, the delivery man gets the laundry to him, and they wash, dry, and iron the clothes and send it back to the customers. The on-demand app has made the entire laundry task hassle-free, as you can book laundry service in just a few taps and clicks from your smartphone.

Reasons to Use On-Demand Laundry Apps

1. Saves Time

The laundry app solution saves a lot of time as you don’t have to spend time washing, drying or ironing your clothes anymore. The location-based services will come to your doorsteps. Use the laundry app to schedule pick up and drop off. Your clean clothes will be delivered to your home.

2. Save Hassle

You don’t need to add the responsibility of laundry to your to-do list as someone is here to handle this one for you. Let a laundry app tailor your experience and save you the hassle of your laundry doom.

3. Stress-Free

You don’t need to go through the stress about the mixing of the colors while doing laundry. Let the pros worry about which color to stick in the wash together. The laundry app features lets you give special instructions, too. You can give your preferences while scheduling services from your smartphone.

4. Save Space

Your home needs space you have set up. When laundry piles up, it can take over your living space. Let the laundry app service take that away for you. Just pay some bucks and schedule your laundry and enjoy your pile free living space.

Essential Features You Required in On-Demand Plumber App

1. Features For  Customers

  • Signup/login

To enter the app, customers should sign up and log in to the laundry app first, and they can do it from their social media accounts or with their email addresses or mobile numbers.

  • Types of Services

It is good to provide more options to customers; the more you offer, the more they get attracted to your app. Give opportunities to customers so they can choose the type of services they need according to clothing’s material, hand wash, machine wash, the need for special care, and detergent choices.

  • Cost Estimation

When customers add several clothes and material types, the app should show the estimated price for overall services. So customers will know how much they will pay for how many clothes.

  • Pick Up Time

The app should have a feature to choose a pickup time for customers, so they can arrange to pick up by adding date and time according to their availability and get the hassle-free doorstep services.

  • Option of Choosing a Laundryman

Customers should get the option to choose services from the prefered laundryman as per their experience.

  • Order Status

Customers should have the authority to track the service after placing the order. The laundryman will keep updating all the necessary information regarding an order.

  • Order Cancellation

There must be an in-built feature in-app to notify a laundry worker about customers’ immediate cancellation of orders. Bookings can get canceled instantly when customers need them.

  • Customer Reviews

There should be a feedback option in the app so customers can freely share their feedback about the services or the behavior of the laundryman.

  • Offers

Customers should be able to look at the latest discounts, offers and loyalty points through their app profile.

  • Notifications

The notification feature is a must in the app. Customers should get service notifications according to the changes in the laundry’s status and keep them updated throughout the whole service.

  • Payment Options

There should be an easy payment option in the laundry application. Customers should pay online through the net. banking, debit/credit card, cash on delivery, or any other payment gateways.

2. Features For Delivery Man

  • Signup/login

Just like customers, to get into the app, delivery men can also sign up and log in from their social media accounts, email, or mobile numbers.

  • Earning Tracking

It will be best if the application has a feature to track the earnings throughout a particular journey; with this feature delivery, men will be able to view details of their overall income.

  • Accessible Client Data

Once the order gets accepted, the laundryman should be able to access the customer data such as the total number of clothes, the type of material, machine wash or hand wash preference, etc.

  • Map Integration

A map should be integrated so the delivery man can utilize a map that will guide the pick-up and drop-off points.

  • Accept/ Reject Request

The needs to have a module that will allow a delivery man to accept or reject the request based on the availability.

3. Admin’s Perspective

  • Laundryman Management

The admin can easily manage all the activities of the laundryman within an admin panel.

  • User Management

The admin can manage all the activities of users. Whether a customer or laundryman, everything can be governed by the admin panel.

  • Order Management

This function enables the administrator to keep track of all orders placed by the customer. If one laundryman refuses the request, it will give another to this request.

  • Service Provider Management

The super admin can enroll service providers and manage them from this panel in service provider management.

  • Analytical data

It maintains the data of a total number of users, active users, service partners for the future perspective.

Concluding Lines

On-demand apps can streamline the process and take your laundry business to the heights of success. It is fair to say that your customers will certainly welcome your laundry app and you’ll soon generate revenue from it.

An on-demand laundry app with the desired features and functionality will help you to promote your business online because it gives you a competitive edge in the sector that has minimal competition to date.

If you are thinking of building an on-demand plumber app for your business, team Nascenture is there to help you. We have a team of experts that will offer you a full suite of mobile app development services compatible with your business needs. Get in touch with us to discuss your project in detail.

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