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Urban Company (UC), just the word alone has simplified the process of receiving services in the comfort of our own homes. It has completely changed the way we previously use our services. Before the arrival of this Company, we use to go outside to get services. However, thanks to UC, we don’t have to leave the house to do so. The range of services covers everything from spa treatments to home maintenance and repair to professional cleaning. The site’s mission is to offer users services that are both legitimate and reasonably priced. As a rapidly expanding online marketplace that facilitates communication between service providers and consumers. This Company has been recognized as one of the nation’s most promising new businesses. In other words, all of your regular issues will now be resolved.

Through this company, customers are able to communicate with the top-rated experts in their field. The company has a fantastic business model to facilitate these at-home services and control the associated processes. Its design guarantees the introduction of competent individuals to those in need of their services. Let’s take a look at the business model of this company as it’s an excellent example of how planning, management, and business tactics all work together to make a successful enterprise. In turn, this made them one of the most talked-about new businesses.

What is an Urban Company?

UC was first established in November 2014 and has offices in the United Arab Emirates, India, Australia, and Singapore, it is a formidable competitor to other home service platforms in the region. Customers can use the site to schedule trustworthy in-home services including massage therapy, plumbing, beauty services, appliance repair, painting, and more. Our company’s principal objective is to enable millions of service workers throughout the world to provide services closer to home than ever before. Tens of thousands of specialists have joined forces with the organization for assistance in areas like credit, education, product sourcing, technology, and more.

How UrbanClap Works?

It is well-known for sending experts directly to people’s houses. Among the various things, it offers photo studios, photographers, a massage parlor, and much more besides. Employers can easily hire qualified candidates through the site. In order to use the platform to order a service, users must first register, after which they will have access to the whole catalog of services and lists of service providers. The company‚Äôs service platform guarantees a high-quality workflow without the hassle of having to go around for different service providers. It is a special platform that effectively meets the needs of both your company and its clients. You can learn a lot about how the on-demand service platform delivers its excellent service offering to customers by looking into its inner workings.

  • Users of UrbanClap include those who looking for a service and those who are prepared to provide said service on demand.
  • Finding qualified personnel is simplified using this tool.
  • People who sign up on the site and offer their services have a better chance of making money and growing their businesses.
  • Users can review the available options and select a service that best meets their needs.
  • Service personnel who are available at the time of the request will go to the customer’s location to take care of any necessary work.
  • Clients make purchases and provide comments based on their knowledge.

How Did Urban Company Become So Successful?

The issues faced by both consumers and businesses were the focus of this company’s solutions. Unreliable service providers were a problem for customers, while late payments and unrealistic expectations plagued providers. In a world where we constantly have to be on the go, and where we frequently have to deal with service providers who are both exploitative and unreliable, this business model is ideal. Since we have become so dependent on our phones, online services provided by this company is a great fit for almost everyone. When it came to quality, timeliness, safety, and security, they had it all covered, and as a result, they rose quickly in popularity, from seed funding to the verge of being a unicorn

Services provided by this company are also useful for service providers because they helped them with their issues. They provide them training so that they could provide better service, respond to job requests in a timely manner based on their availability and proximity to the job, and be paid on time. After previously relying on word-of-mouth or on shopkeepers who would charge inflated prices, this helped stabilize their monthly income.

Revenue Generates By UC

In FY21 Urban Company received $255 million in a Series F round and became a unicorn with a $2.1 billion valuation. Operating revenue increased to Rs 247.7 crore in FY21 from Rs 218.6 crore in FY20, as reported in regulatory filings, notwithstanding the Covid pandemic’s impact on the fiscal year.

urban clap revenue chart

Image Source:- Fintracker

How UrbanClap Guarantees Effective Experience Offering

A primary motivation behind UrbanClap’s creation was the desire to connect those offering services with those in need of them. Investing in the E-Service platform allows you to cultivate a network of service providers who are available to assist anyone who needs it. The platform makes it simple to put consumers in touch with specialists who can help them with their particular problems. In order to locate the best possible answer quickly and with little outlay of resources, the platform employs an automated matching process. When you use UrbanClap, you can rest easy knowing that all of our service providers have been thoroughly vetted by the police. As you can see, UrbanClap bases its operations on two primary models:

1. Services With a Constant Price

The company accepts payments from customers for a wide variety of services, such as house cleaning, electrical work, plumbing, and so on, and then distributes the funds to the appropriate service providers. The platform takes a cut of the money that comes in as a fee.

2. Services with No Up-Front Costs

Sponsored listings and lead generation services are offered for a fee to businesses. Users are not required to pay for the service at the time of signing up. The expert may want payment before agreeing to perform the task. The process of monetization is considered successful if the expert persuades their target audience to pay for their services. Users have a standard set of five alternatives to work with, and they can select whichever works best for them. Customers are not charged for checking out a provider’s information unless they actually do so. If the algorithm performs optimally, users won’t have to put in much effort to obtain a solution right away.

No one can deny the staggering success of the Urban Company business model. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are two examples of cutting-edge technologies that the platform has only lately begun incorporating for more efficient operation and for allowing users to evaluate the platform. The system learns the user’s preferences from past interactions and intelligently assigns resources, while also keeping meticulous track of the entire operation.

The three founders have used a combination of AI and Machine Learning supported processes to standardize the decision-making process. After integrating cutting-edge technology into its operations, the organization now runs like clockwork. It ensures that customers always have access to the best possible service, whenever they need it.

There’s no reason to doubt that UrbanClap’s business approach will yield promising results in a relatively short amount of time. Therefore, it is to your advantage to choose a platform like UrbanClap, but before making any commitments, you should examine the entire process to determine if the venue is powerful enough to meet your company’s needs.

Revenue Model: See How Big Business Raised Money With UC

UC uses a mixed model for monetization. The business presents two choices: booking accounts and a section for fixed pricing services and variable price services. The strategy the corporation employs has been effective in attracting substantial financial resources to the table.

1. Commission

About 85% of Urban Clap’s total revenue comes from a commission structure. The commission structure requires the business to take a cut of the earnings made by its service providers. That way, clients can always count on having access to prompt, dependable service, which is sure to make them happy. More chances for service providers to sell their wares and increase their income are also made possible. The platform takes a commission from each service provider and seller at a varying rate depending on the services or goods they supply. If the platform sends them more work, the suppliers will pay them a higher commission.

2. Generate Leads

Getting leads is the second most efficient approach to bringing in money. Commission fees, however, make up the bulk of UrbanClap’s income. Customers outline their needs on the platform, and the service providers are suggested to them based on those specifications. In order to hire a service provider, users can either directly contact the provider themselves or ask already satisfied customers to recommend them. The company’s lead-generating service costs specialists give services to the customers the company brings in.

3. Bidding in Reverse

Using the UrbanClap platform, service providers can advertise their offerings for a set fee. In exchange for funding, the company assists service providers in increasing conversions and new lead creation.

4. Commercials

The UrbanClap platform is used by service providers, enterprises, and manufacturers to promote their services and products in exchange for advertising payments.

Future of UC in a Nutshell

The rapid expansion of this mobile marketplace is undeniable. It’s the best-known service provided by an Indian startup. The firm has also worked in Dubai to make its services available to customers there, and it has expanded into other states. The company is undergoing a transformation in order to better serve its clientele.

Successfully competing in today’s demanding and competitive market requires the development of an app similar to UrbanClap. So, if you are also looking to build an app similar to UrbanClap, you can contact a reputed mobile app development company who have hands-on experience and build a scalable mobile app for your startup.

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