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It has been said that PHP is one of the highly preferred and most potent server-side languages for web application development. It is an open-source PHP web framework intended to build web applications. It is a fact that building a web application using the PHP process is a bit tiring, but frameworks like Laravel make it simple for developers.

However, PHP offers multiple frameworks to its users like Codeigniter, Yii, Laravel, CakePHP, etc. But among all other frameworks, Laravel has reserved its place. You’ll find multiple benefits of the Laravel framework that one can use to build a dazzling website.

This framework is equipped with a powerful syntax that makes the web development process more accessible. In addition, it also simplifies redundant tasks like authentication, routing, sessions, and cashing.

Laravel has brought much advancement to the PHP community. Studies show that many active websites – almost 646,000 (and counting) – have been developed on Laravel rather than any other PHP framework. There are 66000 stars (and counting) of the Laravel community on GitHub, which is relatively higher than other PHP frameworks.

For more clear instinct, let’s take a look at the graph below that clearly shows the popularity of Laravel among other PHP web frameworks.

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However, the above graph shows the popularity of Laravel. Still, there are numerous things that you should know about Laravel. So let’s dig out some more amazing facts and functionalities of Laravel.

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is an open-source PHP language framework with expressive and elegant syntax that makes the whole web development process easier, faster, scalable for developers. A superb inversion of control containers, tightly integrated unit testing support, and expressive migration systems make the entire web development process simple and easy for web developers.

It follows MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern and builds web apps by reusing the existing components of different frameworks. The best part of the Laravel framework is its broad set of functionalities that assimilate the basic features of PHP frameworks like Yii, Codelgniter, and other programming languages like Ruby on Rails.

Since the release of Laravel, many changes have been made to its versions. Now Laravel will release its next LTS (Long Term Support) version of Laravel9, which helps web developers build scalable web applications with exceptionally powerful features.

What Makes Laravel the Best Framework for PHP?

As we know PHP is the most popular and the oldest web development language, and Laravel is its well-liked framework. But did you know Laravel is an advanced alternative to the CodeIgniter framework? Yes, it’s true because CodeIgniter is not able to provide certain features such as built-in support for user authorization and authentication.

Laravel is open-source, relational, object-oriented, and comes with authentication features. Here are the best features of Laravel which make it the most renowned PHP framework among businesses and developers.

Here are the best features of Laravel which make it the most renowned PHP framework among businesses and developers.

Features of Laravel Framework

  • It is easy to integrate third-party libraries with Laravel
  • Dependency Manager, fully composer-based
  • Modular and Libraries
  • Security
  • Blade-templating engine
  • Query builder as potential ORM (Object Relational Mapping)alternative
  • Built-in authentication and authorization
  • Offer better IO capabilities
  • Unmatched Quality Session Control
  • Unit Testing
  • Database Migration System

Why Does Your Project Need Laravel?

Laravel can be beneficial for your business in many ways as it comes with onboarding functions like authentication logic, security, and cross-site scripting, web routing, mailer library, etc. With all these functions, developers can build these into your website with just a few lines of code. This not only saves the hassle of coding but also reduces your development costs by about 35%.

The modules of this framework are designed to work well with emails and other communication systems. This means you can easily communicate with the customers who visit your website; it doesn’t matter what messaging platform they prefer.

When we talk about the greater advantages of Laravel framework, it offers you an impressive array of responsive design templates to choose from. All template designs are responsive, which means they can be easily viewed on any device, whether your smartphone, desktop, or tablet.

The best thing that makes Laravel, among other frameworks, is how the backend code is separate from the front-end code. This might seem like a small functionality to you. But with the help of this, your website designer can easily make changes to the website’s look and its functions.

Benefits of Laravel Framework

For your better understanding, we have listed some of the Laravel framework benefits, which makes you opt to choose Laravel to make your business website.

#1 High-end Security

Security is the main reason which makes Laravel the most preferred platform for web development. Every website stores data, part of which relates to the personal details of the customer. It is essential to have a security mechanism in place for your website protection and to safeguard customer details against hacks and leaks.

Laravel makes exceptional measures in terms of security as it integrates SQL injection to strongarm the website and protects all data. The high level of security parameters makes Laravel the best among all other platforms. If you choose Laravel, you don’t have to worry about any security threats or malware activities, as your web app is risk-free from any unintended and hidden SQL injections.

#2 Robust Authentication

Taylor Otwell founded Laravel to help the developers. He developed Laravel to help web developers build certain web app functionalities faster and in a better way.

The most challenging functionalities for web developers are developing web authentication. But the Laravel framework makes it easy for developers to create a logic behind offering access to authorized users.

#3 Multilingual Capabilities

The multilingual capabilities of Laravel are another fascinating aspect that makes this framework more powerful and stands out from the crowd of other PHP development frameworks. For businesses who are eagerly looking to expand their business across different countries with different languages, Laravel development is the right option for them.

What this means is you can build professional and compelling-looking applications in multiple languages. Laravel provides you with the ease of reaching out to a wider audience and exploring untouched territories. This will improve the online visibility of your website and help you to boost sales and increase revenue.

#4 Enhanced Performance

Another Benefit of Laravel development is its capability of offering the excellent performance of web applications. There were times when certain functionalities and features affected the performance of the website. However, Laravel comes up with different tools that provide ease to the developers to boost the performance of the web apps.

With Laravel, you don’t have to worry about the speed of the website. Equipped with tons of functionalities and features, this framework helps you to take your business to the next level of success. Tools like Memcached and Redis help to enhance the performance, overall usability, and productivity of your web and mobile apps.

#5 Database Migration

Database Migration is the other most amazing part of using the Laravel framework that attracts users the most. These migrations empower developers to easily undo changes made in the database. With migrations, developers can easily share the database with other developers within the team smoothly and easily.

However, this was not possible earlier, but various web developers came up with such facilities. The pairing of migrations makes sure that the databases are properly created and maintained without re-creating them. This saves a lot of time for web developers for your web development.

#6 Robust and Open-Source Community

As told earlier, Laravel is one of the most potent and open-source communities. But this is not the only thing that makes this platform the best among users. Laravel owns a professional and robust community of developers that constantly and continuously provide support to make Laravel more scalable and flexible.

This support is mainly beneficial for developers, if developers get stuck with some complex functionalities, he/she is always welcome to take expert advice from Laravel experts. In a nutshell, we can say that your development process does not stop despite any complex functionalities. If you do, you can resolve them with the help of experts.

Multilingual Apps

Despite the other benefits of Laravel framework, having a multilingual framework makes Laravel different from others. With its multilingual feature, you can easily localize your website and gain traffic. For businesses looking for ways to globalize their businesses with different languages, Laravel can be the right option for them.

Laravel’s localization feature Laravel gives the most straightforward way for its users to retrieve strings in different languages by enabling them to easily support multiple languages within the application.

Wrapping Up

The unique benefits of Laravel framework make this platform one of the best among other PHP frameworks. As it is a flexible platform for developing customized web applications that give ease to developers by offering a simple development process that offers reusable and clean code.

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