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On Demand Food Delivery App


Bristol Bites is an app that allows people to place orders for delivery or pickup from a wide range of local restaurants. The app makes it easy for customers to order delicious meals without having to leave the comfort of their homes. In addition, consumers get access to detailed ratings of nearby restaurants, as well as information about the most recent menus and delivery services. When a customer puts an order, the restaurant receives the request and decides whether to accept or reject it. Following your acceptance of the order, the restaurant will begin cooking your food, and you will be alerted at each step. The app makes the whole food delivery experience hassle-free and easy.

The Requirement

Our client’s expectations were fairly detailed. They knew about the many food delivery applications on the market. Bristol Bites aspired to disrupt and improve the restaurant industry by delivering food in a safe, socially distant, and convenient way. They desired a straightforward app that allowed customers to order food from anywhere and return to work while it was being prepared for delivery. Registration should be easy and offer several possibilities. A user profile should let them customize everything. Filters for varied cuisines are necessary. The app should have filters for healthier meals since young people are health-conscious. The app should have a simple UI for order processing and tracking. Clients require vendor contact information for inquiries. It should accept UPI, COD, credit/debit cards, and other secure payment methods. A decent search engine lets users filter the inventory. Review-based sorting should be in the app. To prevent crashes and maintenance, robust servers should back up the app. The client asked us to design an Android app to meet these needs.

The Solution

We managed and executed the project using the KANBAN methodology with the SCRUM framework. We listed the app’s features as product backlogs, and app development followed a continuous delivery model. To facilitate collaboration and communication between the client-side team and the web development team across all branches, we implemented BDD (Behavior-driven Development) strategies.
Vue.js was used to build the frontend. Documentation, integration, and reusable components made Vue the winner. Vue is a fast and lightweight framework.
Next, we automated all development stages with GIT to reduce cost and time-to-market. GIT for deployment, testing, and release. It reduces iterations and simplifies continuous integration (CI) without compromising product quality.
Google Maps API helped users find restaurants on the go. Google Maps was the obvious choice due to its pictures, street views, and directions. All other Map APIs can’t match its data accuracy.
jQuery made the website look better. Page animations and effects are enhanced. It also speeds up page loading with its elegant syntax.
Payments are now safe and reliable. This leading payment solution requires no setup or maintenance. It transfers money quickly, simplifies checkout, and bills customers without card data.


To increase the client’s business efficiency, we successfully developed a food delivery app. We designed it with high code quality in order to create a modernized, highly effective food delivery app. Experience the full range of features we’ve developed for the Bristol Bites app:

Customer App Features

Sign-up & Login

Users can seamlessly sign up/log in and create an account with phone number, social logins or email id.

Profile Creation and Profile Management

Users can add, update and edit their profile details and change their password anytime.

Search nearby restaurants, cuisines with smart filters and sort options. Users can also search their favorite restaurants by name.

Home Page

Customers can add or change location at the top of the screen. Customers can view the top food items in their area.

Order History

Every order placed in the past is in the order history, so users can view their last expenses and the order details.

Check Out and Payment

Here, customer will see order details and total payment. User can adjust delivery location. Apply coupons and place order.

Address Management

It displays a list of all saved addresses. Users are able to add, edit, and delete their addresses.

Payment Options

Customers can add their debit and credit cards to make payments and view the list of already added cards.

Rate and Review

Users are able to provide review comments regarding the overall experience of food ordering and delivery.

Restaurant App Features


Restaurants can see 30-day sales, orders, goods, and views. Live and total orders, restaurant details, menu, customer, staff, planning, and finance are available.

Order Management

Restaurants can view, download, and sort orders by date, status, and client. Restaurants can use the panel to add delivery orders.

All menu items are organised into categories. New items can be added, and existing ones can have their pricing, images, and availability statuses updated.

Live Orders

Restaurants can view the lists of new orders, accepted orders and completed orders.

Customer Details

Restaurants can see information about their customers and export it as a csv file.

Time Management

Opening times, dates, and timings can all be changed by restaurants.

Track Payments

Restaurants are able to view pending as well as completed payments.

Manage Promos

Restaurants have the ability to create new discount codes, promotions, and discounts.

Delivery Area Management

Restaurants are able to manage the areas in which they want to offer delivery services.

Driver App Features


Bank, ID, and photo information must be provided by the driver. Before logging in, the admin will approve the driver.


Driver can see daily, weekly, monthly orders. The app lets drivers turn service on and off. Only service drivers receive orders.

Real-time Request

The delivery request for the order can be accepted or rejected by the driver, who can also view the order details.

Bank Details

The drivers have the ability to add, update, and delete their banking information, which is where their earnings will be deposited.

In App Notification

The drivers have the ability to view the notifications that pertain to any new orders or updates to existing orders.

Order Request

Orders go to the driver. The order will be cancelled if late. The driver can only see the customer’s order and restaurant location.

Order Pickup

After accepting an order, drivers can see where the customer is. When the driver clicks “navigate,” Google Maps opens.

Order History

Drivers can view a list of completed deliveries as well as orders rejected with detailed information.

Total Earnings

Drivers are always able to view the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly summaries of their earnings in their accounts.

Admin Panel Features


The earnings, reports, total number of customers, restaurants, orders, and other metrics are all displayed here.

Manage Restaurants

Admin can search, export, view restaurant ratings, update active/inactive restaurants, and view restaurant lists.

Manage Orders

Each order can be reviewed and accepted or rejected. Bills can be printed. Order tracking and status history are available.

Advanced Reporting

The data on revenue, sales report, and total order report can be exported and imported by the administrator (daily, weekly, monthly).

Cuisine Management

Admin has the ability to view all cuisine lists, update active/inactive cuisine, search cuisine, and delete cuisine details.

Manage Payments And Commissions

Administrators can add, update, view, and change the percentages of online payments and commissions.

Customer Management

Admin can view all customer lists, update active/inactive customers, view profiles, search, export, and delete customer details.

Driver Management

Admin can access all driver lists and profiles, update active/inactive drivers, search for drivers, and delete driver details.

Feedback Management

The ratings and reviews that were left by customers can be viewed and managed by the administrator.

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Color Palette

Technology Stack

We exceeded our clients’ expectations with our next-generation food delivery solution, which makes food discovery easy for all foodies out there. The development of Bristol bites was accomplished with the assistance of the appropriate developer tools, framework, and top technology stack. Check out the various technologies that were used to develop the Bristol Bites app, which are as follows:

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