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On Demand Grocery Delivery App


The Happy Fresh app is a one-stop shop for grocery delivery needs. The app simplifies the buying process by putting convenient delivery options right at users’ fingertips. To make things simpler for you, Happy Fresh will bring you everything you like from all the brands you know and trust. This application can help you find what you need, whether looking for a specific item or something from multiple brands. Additionally, the app gives you a number of different ways to pay. There are a variety of payment methods available, including cash on delivery and digital wallet and banking cards. Because of its convenient service and high consumer trust, Happy Fresh has quickly become one of the most popular grocery delivery applications.

The Requirement

It’s never easy to shop at a local store because we have to look for things that are available. The client wanted to make it as easy as possible for the buyer to buy food for their homes every two weeks or once a month. On average, each buyer might be able to buy anywhere from 20 to 45 items. The client asked for strong UI and UX so that the product doesn’t look cluttered and takes away from the user experience as a whole. Managing the delivery time, adding more items to the shopping basket, and having the photos automatically download while the search was being done were also problems. The client also asked for apps for customers, stores, and deliveries, as well as an admin panel for the company.

The Solution

We used high-quality graphics to arouse the user’s admiration for the app and want to satiate their hunger. In order to make it easier for the user to decide what to eat, we gave priority to the closest restaurants and the top-rated restaurants area. We kept the page to a minimum, adding white space when necessary and used the right colors across the app. For simple access and visibility, we added Order History. We created a header section for promotions, and you can also view promos on your profile page. The user can now view the items they have previously looked for in the search history area that we introduced. Based on the user’s preferences, search results are customized.


By adding the following features, we were able to successfully developed a modernized grocery delivery platform that increased the client’s business efficiency:

Easy sign-up process

Users can register by phone or email. All it takes is the sending of an otp to confirm the information.

Schedule Orders

Users can choose the items they want and the dates they want them delivered to their doorstep.

Safe and convenient payment

Users can pay securely using a variety of methods, including cards, internet banking, UPI, and cash on delivery.

Order History

We included ‘Order History’ to allow customers to view previous orders and make repeat purchases if needed.

Live order tracking

We implemented live order tracking to help users track their grocery deliveries with real-time traffic and stopovers.

Reviews & feedback

Ratings matter online. We added online reviews to help users find the highest-rated items and evaluate product credibility.

Admin Panel

Admin may view, add, modify, and delete customers, orders, and products, as well as view payment and discount information.

With simple searches and advanced filters, users can efficiently browse through all the products that are available.

Order Cart

Users can check the cart’s details (item names, descriptions, pictures, quantities, prices, etc.) to edit items, if required.

Discounts & Coupons Section

To help users get cashback or reductions on final bills, we added an area where admin may add promo codes and coupons.

Reports Management

Admin may view sales, top-selling goods, low inventory by amount, and new customers reports by date range.

Reviews & Ratings Section

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Color Palette

Technology Stack

We desired to deliver a grocery app development solution that would benefit all parties involved. We were able to design, create, and launch the application within the allotted time frame. This application is advantageous for both customers and vendors. The client is quite pleased with the solution we delivered. We choose to create the application with the following technological stack:

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