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Online Car Rental Booking App


Visby Taxi is one of the leading independent car rental companies, offering the widest selection of vehicles to hire in and around the Stockholm area. Whether you require a standard car, an executive car, a convertible, or a 4×4/SUV, they have a vehicle to suit all occasions. Over the last 20 years, it has built a reputation for delivering market-leading car rental services to its customers. Their reputation has been built by consistently offering clients attentive, personalised service and high-caliber vehicles that are beautifully displayed. With their 24-hour roadside support, customers can drive with the security of knowing that the Visby team is there to provide assistance when needed.

The Requirement

The client is the owner of a car rental company, and he was taking bookings over the phone for his business. When it came to managing automobiles, bookings, client lineups, and other activities, chaos resulted. As a result, he conceived the concept of implementing technology in his business operations and simplifying the booking process. He reached out to us with the concept of a mobile app that would enable customers to rent cars for a day, a week, a month, or even an entire season if necessary. In addition to this, he needs an admin panel from which he can manage customers, vehicles, reservations, and any other settings related to the app. Following an in-depth discussion, we got started on the project.

The Solution

Following the evaluation of the initial challenges, the next step was to create mockups and wireframes. As a result, our design team collaborated with the client to finalise the UI.
We gathered our top programmers for this project, and they started working on the back end. Our UI developer began collaborating with the front-end team. We implemented the Telegram API to send notifications to the admin. We developed a helpful feature that enables users to choose the type of car they need based on a variety of filters, such as the choice between AC or non-AC cabs, fuel type, transmission, the size of the car (mini, sedan, hatchback, or SUV), the number of seats needed, etc. We built a functionality to make multiple bookings for different places from the same phone. Users could also pre-plan or postpone their journey times.


To ensure that all customer criteria were met successfully, we settled on a strategy that included the development of the following features:
Seamless Signup

We only require the most fundamental of information, such your first and last name, email address, and mobile number.

Car Search Filters

SUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks are available for rent. Search for cars by price, model, make, and other criteria on the app.

Car Details

A page that provides all of the information linked to cars in a format that may be seen in greater detail.

Taxi Booking Page

A booking page includes a calendar having a date range selection and the ability to schedule a ride.

Booking History

Users can see all their journeys. The ride’s duration, total cost, and price breakdown are displayed.

Address Management

The user has the option to add, change, or remove an address. A user has the ability to add several addresses.

Rating & Reviews

After completing the ride, riders can share their overall experience by giving ratings and reviews to drivers.


Passengers will be given an invoice at the completion of their ride and must pay the fare in cash.

Push Notifications

When a booking is accepted or rejected, the user receives a notification. Sales and promotions are also notified.

Cars Management

The admin has the ability to see, add (make, modal, price, fuel), edit, delete, active/deactivate, search, and filter cars.

Booking Management

The administrator has the ability to view, alter, and either accept or deny booking requests submitted by customers.

Ratings & Reviews Management

Passengers’ ratings and reviews will be visible to the admin. Ratings and reviews can be rejected by admin.


The administrator is able to view the reports that show both the sales data and the information relating the customers.

Customer Management

Customers can be viewed, edited, deleted, active/deactivated, searched, and filtered by the admin.


Both the sales data and the customer information can be viewed in their respective reports by the administrator.

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Color Palette

Technology Stack

Our developers, who had past expertise developing mobile applications for a variety of industries, applied their abilities to produce the greatest taxi application that can be readily installed on smartphones. The technologies that went into developing the app are as follows:

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