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Web Development for Real Estate News Aggregator


Triple Net Properties is a real estate website that specialises in NNN and single tenant net leased properties and investments. The website offers tenant information, news, and data, as well as weekly newsletters highlighting the best Triple Net discounts available. Triple Net Properties actively monitors the market, deploys proprietary technology, and keeps in touch with their broad industry network on a daily basis. This guarantees that they will help you choose and invest in the most stable triple-net and other net-lease properties, which will provide long-term investment opportunities, tax benefits, and regular monthly income for 10 to 20 years. This platform was developed to assist in the breakdown of everything in the Net Leased Sector.

The Requirement

The client is an investor and a real estate adviser. He provides in-depth analysis of a specific segment and evaluates investments on behalf of clients. He planned to launch a website where he can reach out to his customers by sharing his unique insights on the net leasing industry.

He needed a simple, functional, and mobile responsive website to showcase the latest tenants, tenant profiles, and featured tenants. One of his main requirements was an easy-to-use CMS with high security. We shipped the MVP version within a month. Since then, the project has evolved step by step to help our clients grow their customer base.



Custom theme development


Custom post types, taxonomies, and metadata



Newsletter implementation


Mailchimp integration


Ability to manage product types and categories.


Stockdio news and data API implementation


Mobile responsive for different screen sizes


Contact Form 7 for forms


Highcharts implementation


Google analytics setup




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Color Palette

Technology Stack

We have used the latest technologies to ensures that product is of high quality and meets customers’ expectations.

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