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Website Development for Orthopedic Manufacturer




Orthopedic products from CoreTech Ortho are well-known in the industry. Its goal is to help people in various phases of rehabilitation by providing them with high-quality goods. In order to accomplish this, they exhibit their ortho products on their brochure wesbite in order to recruit distributors from throughout the world.

With the most affordable costs in the business, they offer the best ortho assistance and orthopaedic services available.They’ve dedicated the best products on the market to making people’s lives better by focusing on innovative concepts.

The Problem

Our CoreTech client was a manufacturer specialising in ortho aid products. They approached us to create a website where they could advertise their ortho aid items to website visitors. This website had to meet a few specific requirements:

Brand Reconsideration
We needed to shift the narrative from dry product specifications to lifestyle advantages, while also making the path to retail straightforward, simplified, and accessible.

Intuitive Backend
The backend needed to be intuitive that would allow the client to effortlessly manage the inventory and drive sales transactions without a hitch.

Support Tools
Because high-quality orthopaedic products are an expensive investment, customers required assistance and reassurance at every stage.

Multi-Screen Compatibility
The digital brochures should be optimized to be visible on any screen. Be it smartphones, tablets or computers with responsive designing.

A Dynamic Gallery
Client wanted the portfolio to be inspirational. There should be no place for unnecessary distractions or fancy gimmicks.
Fast Page Load Speed
Pages must remain speedy as the website evolves and becomes more complicated and content-heavy in order to deliver a significantly better on-page user experience.

The Solution

This necessitated the planning of a journey that stimulates engagement throughout the sales process, as well as the development of a whole new design language to highlight the beauty, creativity, and utility of Coretech’s items, using the following solutions:

Anatomy of Product Page
We have used a user-friendly interface for the website as it enables users to learn the system quickly and use it efficiently, which enhances customer engagement and retention.

Modern & Minimalist Gallery
We let the photographs speak for themselves, as they are high-definition and have simple navigation that guides the viewer through the sections.

Product Experiences
The showcasing experiences highlight the utility and lifestyle benefits that each product brings, avoiding dry technical data in favour of rich information and interactive feature explorations.

Multi-Screen Experience
The multi-screen experience is integral to our redesign. The entire Coretech website experience is now a joy for visitors. And because every component is designed to display properly on any device, everyone can enjoy it regardless of the device they are using.

Content Control
Because the client required a speedy response to market needs, our team developed a user-friendly Information Management System that is simple to use, adaptable, and maintains content in novel and engaging ways. Content can be managed by logging in from any browser on any device: phone, tablet, or PC. Our user interface now supports the client’s crew in creating dynamic advertising and updating the content.

Elegant New Aesthetic
The new design’s revised navigation uses progressive disclosure to make the experience intuitively simple, in addition to an appealing new appearance that showcases product design and quality.

Key Features

  • A powerful content management system has been used on the website that has made the website user-friendly, easily accessible, simple for content scheduling etc.
  • Products showcasing for rich and interactive information explorations.
  • Instruction manuals for the products.
  • A user-friendly Information Management System that is simple to use, adaptable, and maintains content in novel and engaging ways.
  • Product brochures for clear information.
  • Product categorization.
  • Carousel sections for product images.
  • Embedded videos for products.
  • Category based product listing.
  • A distributor application page.

The Result

The consistent, connected environment that we implemented and evolved over a multi-year period has helped boost Coretech’s brand profile and spur market growth with stunning results.

Search Prominence
Search visibility has increased by 20%.

E-commerce Revenue
Within a year, e-commerce sales increased by 40%.

Improved Brand Awareness
The company’s conversion rate increased by more than 120% thanks to the landing pages alone.

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