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Built on TypeScript, Angular is a widely adopted client-side framework and development environment. The platform provides a set of developer tools, a component-based architecture, and a library collection that work together to allow you to create scalable online applications. After the first version of Angular was released by Google in 2010. Angular quickly gained popularity and traction. Since then, Angular has evolved through numerous versions, each of which adds new and improved functionality.

The framework is strong, has a wonderful ecosystem, is highly modern, and is cool; as a result, it has support across web, desktop native, and mobile platforms. In addition, your project will benefit from improved design patterns, enhanced JavaScript, sufficient tools to begin crafting your app immediately, loosely connected components, and support for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Additionally, Angular’s extensive ecosystem and community ensure that the framework is continually developed, guaranteeing that you will have access to sufficient documentation and third-party tools. With that in mind, let’s examine AngularJS and its capabilities, as well as some of the most popular websites that were developed with Angular.

A Brief Overview of Angular

Angular is a Google-supported open-source framework and platform for developing TypeScript-based Single Page Applications. It is a robust platform that helps you to build powerful applications for your project. Compared with other frameworks Angular is always the top priority of developers and business owners. Let’s take a look at the Google Trends comparison of the Angular framework.

Graph angular framework

Image Source:- Google Trends

Originally, Angular was meant to be the successor to the widely used AngularJS framework. However, the absence of backward compatibility and the easy update path of apps created in AngularJS to Angular 2 led Google to decide to release it as a separate entity. The MIT license allows anyone to use Angular. As a framework, Angular offers clear benefits and provides developers with a consistent framework. It allows developers to make scalable apps of any size.

When Angular was first released in 2010, it marked the beginning of a long journey that resulted in the current version of the framework, Angular 12. One of the most widely used JavaScript frameworks is AngularJS. There has been a tremendous amount of success. Users have already started making custom integrations for the app after downloading it. The Ionic Framework, built by Ionic (previously DriftyCo) on top of Apache Cordova, provided a significant incentive for programmers to use AngularJS when developing mobile applications.

Reason Behind the Popularity of Angular

Angular is the go-to framework when it comes to creating reliable web applications. It integrates the best practices of declarative templates, dependency injection, end-to-end tools, and top performance to address the difficulties developers have in their work. Using Angular, programmers are free to create apps for both the web and mobile devices. Designed for real-time page reloads, this 100% JavaScript framework separates application logic from DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation.

When it comes to the popularity of the Angular framework, there are now 319,163 websites that use the Angular framework. This number comprises 118,102 websites that are online and another 499,104 domains that redirect to sites in this list. The graph below will show you the increasing usage of the Angular framework.

Angular framework

Image Source:- BuiltWith

Angular was created to simplify the process of creating online apps for both programmers and designers by making use of standard HTML tags. For developers, the framework greatly simplifies the application creation process. Despite the fact that DOM is handled by this framework, AJAX is used to glue code together and organize it in a predefined manner. It’s useful for keeping the big picture in mind as you piece together the web app client.

In most cases, a single-page application is where Angular’s strengths shine. This framework is constantly updated because of Google’s extensive backing and suggestions from its robust community forum. Thus, it takes into account the most up-to-date developments in a dynamic marketplace.

Essential Features of Angular Framework

  • Cross-Platform Features
  • Speed & Performance
  • Speed & Performance
  • Full Development Support
  • Declarative User Interface
  • Secure
  • Less Coding
  • Single Page Applications
  • Model View Controller

List of Top Ten Websites Built With Angular Framework

Angular is a widely used framework that is built upon by a wide variety of websites all around the world. Because of its high-quality and powerful features, Angular suits businesses in every sector. As web development trends are changing day by day, the features of Angular like pre-built components, robust biological systems, and extensive libraries make it a powerful tool for web development. The websites of the following companies are excellent examples of Angular’s use in website design, providing users with a satisfying experience. Okay, let’s check the name of the popular websites developed using the Angular framework.

1. IBM

ibm angluar website

IBM (International Business Machine) is a well-known producer and supplier of PC-related hardware, software, and middleware. From nanotechnology to centralized server PCs, IBM has you covered with advice and assistance. IBM, one of the oldest and most respected IT companies, has been in first place for the most licenses it has developed in the United States for the past 27 years. Incorporating Angular into the website’s development process demonstrates how powerful and remarkable Angular can be, as seen by the fact that technology giants like IBM are using it.

2. UpWork

Angular framework

UpWork is an online platform for finding freelance work and forming business partnerships. Freelancers can go through the entire hiring process online, from initial inquiry to final payment. Upwork connects businesses of all sizes with freelancers, offices, and in-house experts for all their hiring needs. The Angular framework is the backbone of UpWork’s online app, which allows for a variety of valuable features like in-app calling, payment escapes, and testing. For large companies like UpWork, which has over 18 million users and 5 million registered clients, Angular offers the robust, high-performing solution they demand.

3. Deutsche Bank

Angular framework

Another example of an Angular website is that of Deutsche Bank AG, a German multinational corporation based in Germany that provides investment and financial services. This developer’s site gives developers access to the Deutsche Bank API program, which they can use to incorporate the bank’s transactional systems into the web applications they create.

4. Freelancer

Angular framework

Freelancer is an online community for independent workers that was launched in 2009 in Australia. The public backed its creation and it now serves users in 247 different industries worldwide. Freelancer acts as a marketplace where contract workers and businesses can connect, post jobs, and collaborate on projects. Freelancer is a platform where businesses and individuals can post projects for hire and work together to complete them. With such a sizable audience, it’s no wonder that Freelancer opted for Angular as their primary frontend framework. Freelancer uses Angular 5.1.0 to provide a responsive, enjoyable, and aesthetically pleasing user interface.

5. PayPal

Angular framework

PayPal is a global online payment system that is widely used for business. As per Statista reports, net revenue for PayPal increased by more than 10% over the same time a year earlier, in the third quarter of 2022. Let’s take a look at the graph below to check the revenue of PayPal from 1st quarter of 2010 to 3rd quarter of 2022

PayPal software can reliably process such a high volume of transactions in real-time. PayPal’s site performance and capacity to handle massive traffic are remarkable, and the company has more than 305 million active customer accounts on its foundation.

PayPal’s website, built with Angular 10+, can handle continuous data streams of transactions. Since it is used for monetary transactions, it has several cutting-edge security features. The site is easy to use and requires minimal time for quick approval from the company and individual customers.

6. Forbes

Angular framework

Along with a number of other technological developments, such as Core-JS, Backbone-JS, LightJS, and others, Angular 9+ is utilized on the Forbes website, just as it is on a large number of other excellent Angular websites. Forbes, formerly a well-known American business magazine, catapulted to the forefront of the industry after becoming prominently featured online. These articles are directed at the reader and come from reputable sources. They typically rank highly on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). Forbes is now among the major media businesses to use Angular, making it one of the most prominent examples of this type of business. This is due to the fact that Angular is capable of meeting the requirements of contemporary news coverage.

7. The Guardian

Angular framework

To put it simply, The Guardian is a daily newspaper published in Britain. It’s not surprising that The Guardian has become a reliable source of information for people all across the world, given its early success among British readers and its later tremendous presence on the web. The news site’s Angular-powered app is the best of its kind. Angular is explicitly used for the website’s user interface. The Guardian’s massive content output on a daily basis necessitates a system that can provide its users with a high level of clarity, and this is precisely what Angular does, making it an obvious choice.

8. Gmail

Angular framework

As most people know, Gmail is a program developed by Google that serves as an electronic mail service. Over 1.5 billion people use our straightforward single-page app every day. Angular is what makes Gmail possible; it uses real-time data rendering to function on the front end. It has helpful tools like a spell checker, a text prediction capability, and an in-built grammar and syntax checker. When it comes to the smooth operation of service despite substantial user volume and data transfers, Gmail is among the greatest examples.

9. Delta Airlines

Angular framework

When it comes to domestic and international air travel, Delta Air Lines is at the forefront of innovation in the United States. They provide airline tickets to over 300 different locations in 60 different countries. Delta’s website, built with Angular 9+, is robust and quick, and it now ranks third in its class among all websites in the tourist and travel business. They consciously decided to implement the structure into their homepage, which appears to be paying off. With that combination, Delta’s customers can perform sophisticated airfare searches and flight registration in a short amount of time.

10. Samsung

Angular framework

First established in 1938, this South Korean electronics giant is now a leading player on the global hardware stage. In fact, Angular code is already running on their home page. In this case, Angular is useful since it facilitates visually appealing transitions, as well as dynamic modifications, which all work together to improve the site’s user experience. There are numerous companies that use Angular, but Samsung stands out as a pioneer in the hardware industry because of its use of the framework.

Final Words

When it comes to creating applications, the Angular framework is a great choice. Whether you’re developing a large project like an e-commerce site or a news app or a smaller project like a messaging app, it’s perfect for front-end development tasks. Furthermore, this framework is continuously maintained and updated. Thus it performs brilliantly with less common technology.

If you are also impressed by the incredibility of the Angular framework, you can use it in your upcoming project and create a robust online presence for your business. You may hire a reputable business to provide Angular development services in that case. Being guided by pros during the entire process of creating a web app can be beneficial.

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